Why should I even bother thanking a client, or prospective client? You might be asking yourself this very thing.

I can think of three really good reasons to Say Thank You:

  • Saying thank you acknowledges that you value your clients' time.
  • Saying thank you makes you stand out from your competition.
  • Saying thank you gives you a reason to stay in contact.

First, saying thank you to a client for a meeting or interview shows that client that you understand how busy he or she is. You acknowledge that you know that their time is important.

Second, saying thank you for a positive experience is the right thing to do. It's polite, and politeness is something that is disappearing from our society. Chances are that your competition won't thank their client or prospect, so saying thank you makes you more memorable.

Finally, saying thank you gives you an excuse to communicate with the client again. It's a great follow-up note to an interview, a thank you email also keeps your name in front of the prospect as he or she decides which freelancer to choose for their project.